Our medical camp today was a success. We had the opportunity to serve over 500 people. A sincere thank you to all those that participated in making this a reality including the Doctors, Optometrists, Pharmacists and all the other volunteers that gave of their time and resources to help those in need.

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When it comes to infrastructure like the road projects, our intention is to complete all the road projects that had been commenced by the previous government. We do not think that we would have made some of the same decisions that they made – they have made some poor decisions in terms of economic and financial returns. Our priorities would have been different. However as a government we are committed to honoring the contracts that have been undertaken. But if we think there has been over expenditure and over estimation, those issues are being taken for discussion – and we are trying our best to see what concessions we could get out of the existing agreements.

Q: There is a general feeling that most of the development projects have come to a standstill. How do you respond to that? What are the development projects the new government has initiated?

A: We are a new government and a temporary government. It takes time to initiate projects – we have focused on continuing some of the projects that have been started. For example we are having discussions about the Shangri-La hotel project in Colombo with the management to smooth out their investment. It is also a mixed development where the housing project is already completed and the condos are being sold at the moment. The ITC hotel project is also going ahead. John Keels is also doing a mix development including a convention centre which continues. Our focus has been to help investors to implement the decisions they have already taken. Since we are a temporary government, it makes more sense to make sure those projects continue.

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Eran Wickramaratne, Deputy Minister for Highways, Education and Investment Promotion is first and last a gentleman. Hailing from a prominent Christian family, Eran is like a breath of fresh air wafting into the somewhat jaded political halls. A man of firm beliefs and principles, with God and family coming first in his life, he is a symbol of a new breed of politicians this country so desperately needs and lacks.

An old boy of Royal College, with a Degree in Economics and Politics and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of London, he is married to Kushlani – the occasion being the happiest of his life and has two children, a son Dhishan and daughter Sohanya.

On leaving the privileged private sector to serve the people, Eran said “his decision, finally, is a response to the call of my conscience, it is not a decision of sacrifice. It is, rather, a privilege. The chance to give my best working years to the highest calling in a democratic society: the calling to serve my country in Parliament.”

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Skype conversation regarding Modi’s Sri Lanka visit and Government initiatives

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