Today the software industry generates an income close to a billion dollars for the country, this is something we can be proud of however our dreams have always been much more.

In the past the Government adopted a model that centered around economic activity meaning it was the public investment program of six or seven percent that drove the economy. The next Government needs to be an enabling Government, actively creating opportunities for the private sector to flourish via continuous investment.

Deputy Minister Eran Wickremarathe, at the INET Conference 2015 organized by the Internet Society of the Sri Lanka Chapter., stated that the software industry in particular generates an income close to a billion dollars to the country.

He added that there is pride in the fact that the industry, the software industry in particular, today brings in nearly a billion dollars or close to a billion dollars of income to this country but dreams were much much bigger and much much higher.

He added that those at the conference are not to blame for that because the subsequent government adopted a model that centered around economic activity and it was the public investment programme of six or seven percent that drove the economy in the past few years. He further added that this has to change and the next government and the centre of that government will be the enabling government that will create opportunities for the private sector to flourish, and put in investment so that real jobs in terms of economy can be created rather than welfare jobs in government

Prof. Kilnam Chon, known as the “Father of Internet in Korea,” stated that there are about three billion internet users today, about 40 percent of world population. He said it takes 10 to 15 years to have more new internet users, adding that in the next 10 to 15 years there will be 3 billion or more, so that by end of the next decade about 80 percent of world population who will have internet. He further noted that the challenge now is how to facilitate those new internet users and most of them will be in Asia and Africa

The conference saw the participation of IT experts and individuals who have made large-scale contribution towards the development of internet in the local and international arena. Parallel to The INET Conference 2015, the 20th anniversary of internet connection in Sri Lanka was commemorated. News 1st was the media sponsor of the two-day conference, during which the Internet Pioneer awards were presented to 25 individuals.

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