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Delivering the keynote address during the inauguration of a Master of Science Degree program bythe Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Ratmalana General Sri John Kotelawala Defense University (KDU) for the academic year 2016,on 18 March, Deputy Minister of State Enterprise Development Eran Wickramaratne stressed that in orderforpublic enterprises to be more profitable, competition needs to be introduced to the sector through public private partnership.

Deputy Minister Wickramaratne made this observation while pointing out the recent failures of some public enterprises to provide continued service to the people.

“We have had three blackouts since September 2015. It was a single event that caused in system failure. It is unacceptable to have any kind of blackout in the modern world that we live in. Competition has to be the principal and the driving force in these kinds of spaces, whether it be within public enterprises or across the public enterprise or between the public enterprise and the private sector. The process of competition has to be subject to effective sector specific regulations,”Wickamarathne charged.


The reason why I said it was because people over time have tried to show that privatization is a dirty word. It is not. If you have liabilities bigger than the assets you have, you are actually better off by getting rid of it since it is the public that has to fund this to keep it running. Those who are responsible for creating the liabilities have to take it which is why I said.

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise Development, Eran Wickramaratne last week said the island’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) have been given a new lease of life after the new government assumed office and vowed that they would now be managed more efficiently under his Ministry’s watch thus maximizing public benefit.


Calling for improved performance in public entities, State Enterprise Development Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne recently stressed the need for all planning activities of public enterprises to be tied to results.

Asserting that effective performance-oriented public sector management is an integral part of improving quality services, the minister said, “The public service in Sri Lanka at present is mostly evaluated and funded on the basis of how much spent, rather than on actual outcomes on performances. These services are financed with tax payers’ money. It is important that information on actual benefits is made available to the public and budgetary allocations are tied to outcomes.”

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A banker-turned-politician Eran Wickramaratne, Sri Lanka’s deputy minister for highways and investment promotion, says trade and investment with India can grow exponentially. He, however, makes a strong case for reduction in non-tariff barriers (NTBs). In an interview with Sanjay Jog, he explains how both countries can prosper and help the region grow.

The heads of India and Sri Lanka have said economic ties are the pillars of the relationship between the two nations. What is your take?

There has been normalisation of relations since the change of presidency in Sri Lanka after January. President, Maithripala Sirisena visited India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lanka. This is significant. In the past, the relationship was more politically driven. In future, it will be driven by economic partnership. That’s the way to go.


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But there are some areas where the state need not be involved, and doing so only takes away income generating opportunities from a number of segments such as private businesses, home businesses and others. If the government gets involved, it becomes unfair competition, and that is what has been taking place. There is a crowding out effect.



State-owned enterprises (SOEs) have come under harsh criticism in the recent past for their poor performance, productivity and profitability, and it is the public that paid the price.

With the change of government, and the appointments of fresh leaders, it is hoped the troubled entities would rectify their dismal performances and stop enlarging the hole in taxpayer’s pocket.

In an attempt to get a clear picture as to what the fate of these institutions will be, Mirror Business sat down with State Enterprise Development Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne— a former banker and a highly respected figure in the private sector— this week for a comprehensive interview on what path the ministry would take to accomplish the strenuous task.


Following are the excerpts of the interview.


Sri Lanka’s public transportation is entirely outdated and needs to undergo genuine modernization as soon as possible, Deputy Minister of State Enterprise Development Eran Wickremaratne said yesterday. Speaking at the Colombo Mayor’s Conference, the Deputy Minister hailed the public transport system envisaged for the country by the former government but said it required investments to the tune of US$ 300million a year, over a 10 year period.


“A seemingly simple improvement could be the introduction of a timetable according to which public transport runs. By installing GPS systems on buses, the public could keep track of their routes, arrival times and estimated time to destination. This would save people anxiety over bus delays. Considerable amounts of time are wasted.People should no longer have to stand waiting, often in monsoonal times such as what we are experiencing now, for buses to come at times that they can only just guess,” Wickremaratne said.


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UNP MP and Investment Promotions and Highways Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne said yesterday that factions of the UPFA went against the wishes of the people by diluting one of the most important features that would have made the 19th amendment more meaningful for the people. He said the UNP and Maithripala Sirisena campaigned to abolish the Executive Presidency and build an independent, depoliticised public sector.

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A unique opportunity to promote Sri Lanka as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment took place recently when I was invited to be a part of a delegation from the BOI to address 150 members of the Indo German Chamber of Commerce. I was honored to have been the first guest speaker from a foreign country to address this important German forum

A unique opportunity to promote Sri Lanka as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment took place recently when a delegation from the BOI headed by Eran Wickramaratne, Deputy Minister of Highways and Investment Promotion addressed 150 members of the Indo German Chamber of Commerce. Minister Wickramaratne was the very first guest speaker from a foreign country to address this important German forum in India as in the past leading personalities from Germany such as the President of Germany, Prime Minister of Bavaria and 2 Federal ministers of Germany had been invited to deliver the Key Note Address.

A technology platform that brings MPs closer to the people they represent.

This initiative to create internet platform to bring voters and citizens closer to their representatives is a great initiative.Representatives will know what citizen concerns are and we will be better informed when making policy.

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The government must transition towards a transparent government centred on information communication technology (ICT), the Public Enterprise Development Deputy Minister said.

“It is possible to fight corruption with the Right to Information (RTI) Act and digitalization. There is no reason why the government can’t share information. It saves time for the people,” Eran Wickramaratne, who was the founder Chairman of the ICT Agency, said at the eighth National Conference on Cyber Security.

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Was featured in the weekly show with Indi from is the full interview.

Indi: Hi, I’m here with Eran Wickramaratne, Deputy Minister of some really long sentence that changes everywhere I look it up.

He was elected to Parliament with a lot of high hopes. The first thing I’m going to ask him is what have you done to fulfill our wildly unrealistic expectations. We thought everything would be fixed by now.

E: These things can’t be fixed overnight, this takes a long time because these problems are old problems. They have a lot of history, lots of stakeholders, and it takes time. But we have started.

I: OK, fine, so I don’t mean to be rude, but do we need a Deputy Minister of anything? Have you considered reforming your own Ministry?

E: It doesn’t matter what you call yourself. You need people who understand the subject to be working on the project. So I hope I meet that expectation.

I: You’re good. I must say you’re good. Ok, so your job at this Ministry is to reform State Owned Businesses, or SOBs. But my question is do these SOBs want to be reformed? For example, you have these powerful interests against reform. If– you try to do anything I think there’s almost 1.3 million working there, they’ll protest; politicians like to staff these enterprises with their own people; and honestly, voters aren’t for privatization in a lot of cases. So what are the forces that are on your side towards change.

ERAN WICKRAMARATNE YESTERDAY PARLIAMENT VEDIO CLIP.mpg - Google Drive.mp4_snapshot_09.35_[2016.04.13_08.11.49]

Colossal losses that state-run SriLankan Airlines was made to suffer since ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa chased away Emirates Airlines, and a questionable aircraft deal, is a national financial crime, Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne said.

SriLankan Airlines, which made profit of 4.4 billion rupees in 2008, the year in which the management agreement with Emirates Airlines ended, has lost 107 billion rupees since, then.

The Rajapaksa administration had cancelled the visa of then Chief Executive Peter Hill because he did not bump enough paying passengers to accommodate a large entourage of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a single aircraft, he said.

“The CEO had said ‘We should not offload all these passengers since they are citizens and they are paying passengers where there is a contract’,” Wickramaratne told parliament.

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